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Cast Iron 9 Pits Kuzhi Paniyaram Kallu / Paddu Pan / Ponganalu Chatti (Traditional Handmade Item)

Cast Iron 9 Pits Kuzhi Paniyaram Kallu / Paddu Pan / Ponganalu Chatti (Traditional Handmade Item)

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  • A pan called a Paniyaram Pan or an Aebleskiver Pan is used to make this fermented batter

  • The Kuzhi Paniyaram is a ball-shaped dumpling that is made with rice batter and fermented urad dal

  • 100% Natural, non-toxic and acts like non-stick pans when seasoned well

  • Enriches the food taste and increases the iron content of the food cooked

  • Even heating and long heat retention capacity; Weight: 1 kg

  • Clean the pans thoroughly after cooking / re-season the pan after use / use the pans frequently

  • A Cast Iron Paniyaram pan is heavier than the norm for who prefer it that way

  • Takes a little longer to heat up, once hot retains heat very well and gives Paniyarams Crispier and Quicker than the normal


Cast Iron

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L x W x H - 25 x 21 x 7 Centimeters


1.2 kg

Maintenance & care :

When you receive the cookware first cleans it with a mild dishwashing liquid and dries it. Apply a layer of cooking oil all over and heat the paniyarakkal for 20 mins. After cooling wipe of the excess. Repeat the oil application process 2-3 times. Your paniyarakkal is now ready for cooking tasty paniyarams.

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Kuzhi Paniyaram

Paddu is an Indian dish made by steaming batter using a mould. It is named variously kuzhi paniyaram, paddu, guliyappa, yeriyappa, gundponglu, gunta ponganalu, Tulu, appadadde, appe. The batter is made of black lentils and rice which is similar in composition to the batter used to make idli and dosa. The dish can also be made spicy or sweet with chillies or jaggery respectively. Paniyaram is made on a special pan that comes with multiple small indentations.