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Cast Iron Appam Pan 8 Inches | 1.25 Kgs

Cast Iron Appam Pan 8 Inches | 1.25 Kgs

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  1. Kitchen cookware for making Indian-style pancakes called appams.

  2. Made of durable cast iron with even heat distribution.

  3. Round shape with small, shallow wells to shape appams.

  4. Wells coated with oil/ghee to prevent sticking.

  5. Can be used on gas stove tops or over a flame.

  6. Heated over medium heat before adding batter.

  7. Best part of this Pan is, it is one whole piece without any joints and screws. It comes with Double-sided handle to hold Pan with ease.

  8. Perfect size for a small family; Diameter – 200 mm | 20 cm | 8 inches and easy to handle; Weight – 1.25 kg; Thickness - 5 mm.


Cast Iron

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8 Inches Diameter


1.25 kg

Maintenance & care :

Here comes most important part, how to use this Iron Pan. First Boil water to loosen the residue, then rinse the new Pan and dry it with napkin. Apply a layer of cooking oil, Later heat mildly and store it in dry place. Your Pan is ready to use. One should believe that, all you need is Iron. Heading BACK TO TRADITION is anytime healthier option.

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How To Season Cast Iron

1. Scrub your pan. Scrub the pan with warm, soapy water.
2. Apply oil. Apply a very thin, even layer of cooking oil to the cookware (inside and out).
3. Bake for 1 hour.