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Cast Iron Manual Puri maker, Roti press, Pathiri press machine made with stainless steel inner surface

Cast Iron Manual Puri maker, Roti press, Pathiri press machine made with stainless steel inner surface

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  • A roti press typically consists of two plates or surfaces that are pressed together to cook the dough evenly. You place a ball of dough between the plates, close the press, and apply pressure to flatten and cook the roti. The plates help in pressing the roti, while the pressure ensures that it remains flat and uniform in thickness.

  • Introducing our advanced Roti Maker Press, a game-changer in the kitchen! Effortlessly create flawless rotis, chapatis, and pooris with this automated marvel. Achieve consistent thickness and perfect shapes every time. Elevate your cooking with our versatile Chapati Maker Press today!

  • Using a roti press can save time and effort in the kitchen, especially when making rotis or flatbreads in large quantities. It provides consistent results and can be a convenient tool for individuals or families who frequently enjoy rotis or other types of flatbreads.

  • It's important to note that while a roti press can simplify the process of making rotis, it may not completely replace traditional methods. Many people still prefer the traditional method of hand-rolling and cooking rotis on a hot griddle or tawa for a more authentic taste and texture.


Cast Iron / Stainless Steel

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Small Size - 4 to 5 inch approx., Medium-size - 5 to 6 inch approx., heavy size - 6 to 8 inch approx.,


2 g

Maintenance & care :

• Wash care: Wipe it using a wash cloth and avoid using water, detergent or dish soap to protect from rusting.

• Use some oil while you use it so that the dough does not get stick

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How to Use

1. Prepare a soft Dough
First for making roti/chapati/puri prepare the dough as per your need then after Divide prepared dough into golf-sized balls, about 1.25” wide.
NOTE: Please make sure your dough is softer than usual... Add bit of oil and keep it for 20-30 mins before making chapati.

2. Use Plastic Paper liner for no sticking.
To prevent dough from sticking to the press, lay a plastic or waxed paper liner on the bottom plate, and place the dough ball on top, then lay another liner on top of the dough.

3. Press to Flatten
Fold the top plate down, then fold the lever arm over the top plate and press down firmly, so the weight of the top plate flattens the dough.

4. Flip and Press Again or Ready to cook
Lift the lever arm and top plate, and check if your tortilla is thin enough. For a thinner roti, flip the dough over and press it again. Then remove the roti from plastic sheet and transfer directly to a heated griddle, or stack the uncooked tortillas on a plate with a liner between each one.