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Ceremonial / Symbolic / Tribute Knife - Aruvaal for offering at temple - Handmade Iron Billhook with Wooden Handle ( 22 inch length, Light Weight)

Ceremonial / Symbolic / Tribute Knife - Aruvaal for offering at temple - Handmade Iron Billhook with Wooden Handle ( 22 inch length, Light Weight)

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  • Made by traditional iron workers with their own hands for those who want high quality and performance.Crafted by traditional blacksmiths personally, intended for those who wish to donate a knife at the temple.

  • Offering a knife as a tribute or offertory to the Karupannaswamy temple is a symbolic practice in certain cultural and religious traditions. It often signifies protection, strength, or devotion, depending on the specific beliefs associated with the temple.Ideal for heavy duty home, restaurant cutting and outdoor activities (cutting wood and farming purpose).

  • Blade Material: Iron; Handle Material: Wood


"Please note that this knife you are purchasing is intended solely for offering at temple. It is not designed or recommended for any other use. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge its intended use, and we assume no liability for misuse or inappropriate handling outside of spritual/ religious/ kitchen-related activities."




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L x W X H - 45 x 5 x 3 cm


500 g

Maintenance & care :

Keep away from any corrosive liquid.

Always remember to respect the cultural and religious sensitivities of the temple and its community. If you are unsure about any aspect of the ritual, it's advisable to seek guidance from temple authorities or knowledgeable individuals within the community.

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Performing a knife offering at temple

Ensure you are familiar with the temple's customs and rules. Dress modestly and respectfully.

Acquire a Knife:
Obtain a new or clean knife for the offering. In some cases, the knife might need to be of a specific type or size.

Before presenting the knife, it may be cleansed or consecrated. This could involve rituals such as sprinkling holy water or performing prayers.

Approach the temple altar or designated area for offerings. Present the knife with reverence, placing it as per the temple's guidelines.

Accompany the offering with prayers, expressing your intentions and seeking blessings. Follow any prescribed prayers or chants associated with the ritual.

In some cases, devotees might also make a donation or offer fruits, flowers, or other symbolic items along with the knife.