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Handcrafted Iron Fish Cutting Knife with a Wooden Handle

Handcrafted Iron Fish Cutting Knife with a Wooden Handle

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  • Especially useful for cutting and mincing fish and meat, this handmade iron knife with thick blade can be used in all kinds of kitchen tasks.- **Material:** Handcrafted from high-quality iron for durability and sharpness.

  • - **Handle:** Ergonomically designed wooden handle for a comfortable and secure grip.
    - **Blade:** Sharp, sturdy blade ideal for filleting, scaling, and slicing fish.
    - **Design:** Traditional craftsmanship ensures a unique and authentic tool.
    - **Versatility:** Suitable for various kitchen tasks including preparing sushi and sashimi.
    - **Durability:** Built to withstand frequent use and resist wear.
    - **Maintenance:** Easy to clean and maintain with proper care.



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28 x 5 x 0.5 Centimeters


450 g

Maintenance & care :

Make it dry after every use. There is a chance of rust formation if not used for longer period. Then wash it and apply oil. Then use it.

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Slice Fresh Fish

Start your cut at the base of the tail, and use the fish's backbone to guide your cut. Don't cut roughly or saw it away; instead, use a smooth and gentle slicing motion. As you slice the fillet from the fish, lift the flesh to make sure your cut is still moving in a straight line across the backbone.