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"Handcrafted Nadavandi Wooden Baby Walker - Ideal Toddler Activity Push Walker for Ages 0-3 Years"

"Handcrafted Nadavandi Wooden Baby Walker - Ideal Toddler Activity Push Walker for Ages 0-3 Years"

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A traditional wooden walker is a classic baby toy designed to help infants learn to walk and explore their surroundings. This type of walker is typically made of solid wood and features a sturdy frame with wheels on the bottom. The baby can hold onto the handle of the walker and use it to support their weight as they take their first steps, while the wheels provide stability and encourage movement. Traditional wooden walkers may also feature additional elements, such as activity bells on each side, to help babies develop their motor skills and coordination.Traditional wooden walker may be described as a durable and eco-friendly option for parents who want to support their baby's development while also using natural materials. It is generally recommended that traditional wooden walkers be used by babies who are already able to sit up on their own and are beginning to take their first steps. This is typically around 7 months to 3 years of age, although every baby is different and may reach this milestone at different times. It is important to note that traditional walkers should never be used before a baby can sit up on their own and should always be used under close adult supervision to ensure the baby's safety.



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Maintenance & care :

Remember, it's crucial to wait until your baby can sit up by themselves before using a traditional walker. Always keep a close eye on them while they're using it to keep them safe.

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"Wooden walkers: the perfect pal for your little one's first steps! With wheels to roll and handles to hold, they'll be cruising in no time."