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Handmade Heavy Weight Pure Iron Kadai for Cooking (8 to 15 Inches), Black

Handmade Heavy Weight Pure Iron Kadai for Cooking (8 to 15 Inches), Black

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  • The non-seasoned medium Iron Kadai, or Vadasatti, doesn't have synthetic coating material like Teflon.

  • It has two big handles, which makes cooking at high temperatures easier and it is perfectly suitable for cooking for a long time as it is highly heat resistant.

  • It is made entirely from solid food-grade Iron, which makes it a long-lasting and heavy use product. It is also suitable for rough handling.

  • This Iron Kadai requires only a small amount of oil to cook any food, and this Vadasatti holds the heat in it for a longer time than the other Kadai.

  • It is suitable for gas and firewood stoves. You can easily make your favorite food with this medium-sized Iron Kadai by using less oil and increasing your food's iron content. After preparing your delicious food, wash this Iron Kadai with mild soap.

  • It is the perfect Kadai to cook dishes like gravies, sambars, fried rice, fried noodles, and also suitable to cook deep-fried items like Vada, bajji, and Cauliflower chilly fry.

  • While cooking with this vadasatti, food does not stick on to it, so it is very easy to handle and can be easily washed and cleaned, saving much time.

  • Starting from 8 inches to 15 inches, each of these Iron Kadais is manufactured manually

  • Seasoning to be done before first use: Cut an onion into fine pieces and fry it in the kadai with 3-4 spoons of oil for 20-25 minutes to remove any surface carbon deposits and discard the fried onion.



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8 to 15 Inches Diameter


Maintenance & care :

MAINTENANCE: After cooking, wash with a mild soap solution using a soft brush and keep on the stove top to bone dry; wipe and give it a thin coat of any vegetable oil. It becomes non-sticky and your food will taste the best.

Apply oil for preventing from rust.

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How To Use

First Time: The best method of cleaning is with lemon & baking soda. It works best with gas stoves. Before you use the kadhai, fry an onion to remove any surface carbon deposits.

Regular daily use: Preheat and apply oil before use, as it observes oil and after use a gentle wash. By using it regularly it will get seasoned overtime and a layer similar to non-stick forms over Kadhai making it more usable item in your kitchen.

Occasional / Weekly use: After each use and wash, apply a little amount of oil over the Kadhai surface and keep it in dry place. Before using a gentle wash would make it ready again.