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Induction & Gas Compatible - Cast Iron Flat Base Kuzhi Paniyaram Kallu / Paddu Pan / Ponganalu Chatti with 7 Cavities

Induction & Gas Compatible - Cast Iron Flat Base Kuzhi Paniyaram Kallu / Paddu Pan / Ponganalu Chatti with 7 Cavities

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  • A pan called a Paniyaram Pan or an Aebleskiver Pan is used to make this fermented batter

  • Paniyaram is one of the South-Indian culinary favourites. This dish, similar to idly, is made by steaming a fermented batter of rice and black lentils.

  • 100% Natural, non-toxic and acts like non-stick pans when seasoned well

  • It works On the Stove, In the Oven, On the Kettle, On the Grill or Over the Campfire

  • As Iron deficiency is more common these days, food prepared in a cast iron will helps your body with Iron intake and also experience the enhanced taste in your preparation

  • Clean the pans thoroughly after cooking / re-season the pan after use / use the pans frequently

  • Takes a little longer to heat up, once hot retains heat very well and gives Paniyarams Crispier and Quicker than the normal

Dimensions (Approx):

Weight: 2.500 Kg; Diameter: 19.7cm; Height: 5.2cm


Cast Iron

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L x W x H - 20 x 20 x 5.2 Centimeters


2.5 kg

Maintenance & care :

When you receive the cookware first cleans it with a mild dishwashing liquid and dries it. Apply a layer of cooking oil all over and heat the paniyarakkal for 20 mins. After cooling wipe of the excess. Repeat the oil application process 2-3 times. Your paniyarakkal is now ready for cooking tasty paniyarams.

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Kuzhi Paniyaram - Planning to cook it anytime soon?

It is ball shaped dumplings made with fermented Urad Dal and Rice Batter. The fermented batter is poured into the cavity of a special pan known as the Paniyaram Pan, also known as an Aebleskiver Pan.
This Cast Iron Paniyara Pan will render the perfect oval shape to your Paniyaram! Skim out 7 round balls of delicacy at a go with the pan. Serve with onion-tomato chutney or kaara chutney, and enjoy with friends and family!