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Induction & Gas Compatible - Round Shaped Flat Base Iron Dosa & Roti Tawa (11 Inch, 1.3 Kg)

Induction & Gas Compatible - Round Shaped Flat Base Iron Dosa & Roti Tawa (11 Inch, 1.3 Kg)

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  • Heavy Weight 3 KG:  Ideal and easy to use for people of all age and enough thickness to retain and spread heat evenly.

  • Initial use preparation: Wash thoroughly with dish soap and scrubber (do not use metal scrubber) and wipe it dry. Before using it for first time fry onions with oil and discard it to ensure enough non-stickiness. Advisable to a lot for dosa or roti. Do not mix and use for better results?

  • Cleaning Instruction: Use dish wash soap and nylon scrubber. Do not use Meta scrubber as it may scratch the top surface of the tawa. After every wash leave it to dry and coat it with cooking oil for better results.

Material: Iron; Color: Black; Round & Flat Shape; Size: 11 Inch; Weight: 1.3 Kg



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11 Inch Diameter


1.3 kg

Maintenance & care :

Always store your iron tawa in a dry place after cleaning and seasoning. Avoid leaving the tawa soaked in water for long. Cleaning the tawa immediately after its use is highly recommended.

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Things to consider before the first use:

Since the new Iron Tawa comes pre-seasoned, it would need gentle cleaning initially. Use mild liquid dishwashing detergent to clean and then wipe dry with a soft cloth. Apply any cooking oil and heat the tawa over a gas flame for 20 mins. After it cools completely, wipe off excess oil, if any. Repeat this process several times before you start using the tawa.