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Iron Dosa Spatula / Dosa Turner

Iron Dosa Spatula / Dosa Turner

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  • Karandi (Dosa Turner) is a kitchen tool with a wide, flat blade used for lifting and turning food while cooking

  • The Dosa Spatula helps us to flip over the dosa and thus cook it on both sides

  • The most apparent dosa-making spoon needed is the dosa tawa and the Dosa Spatula to make a perfectly crispy and tasty dosa

  • Iron Dosa Spatula, which is excellent to use on your iron dosa tawa



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Maintenance & care :

Apply oil for preventing from rust

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Flipping Dosa's

Our Iron Dosa Turners are the secret to flipping Dosas like a true pro. They’re crafted with just the right thickness that makes it easy for you to slide them underneath those thin and crispy Dosas without wrecking the shape. Their long handles help you keep a safe distance from the stove too.

They’re made of pure iron and hence, unlike the flimsy Silicon turners, they’re sturdy, can withstand high temperatures, and even enrich your food with traces of iron that help you fight deficiencies.