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Iron Rod / Irumbu Kambi / Black Color / 9 Inch (1 pair)

Iron Rod / Irumbu Kambi / Black Color / 9 Inch (1 pair)

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“Can you make me a ritual piece from pure iron? I want iron, not steel.”

I hear this lot. Iron has a long history of being used in magic practices for spiritual protection and defence.

Iron has played a significant role in spiritual beliefs and practices for thousands of years, often associated with its properties of strength, grounding, and protection. Here are some ways you can incorporate it into your ritual practice.

Iron has the planetary association of Mars. Mars is associated with will power. If you are looking to start something new, change paths, complete something or seeking victory, Mars can support you on your quest. When doing any work invoking Mars planetary associations, iron ritual tools are a powerful ally.

Iron is often used in the creation of ritual tools like athames and wands. These tools are used to direct energy and create protective circles during rituals.



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9 Inch length


100 g

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Iron is a fantastic protective talisman. This is why many people wear it iron pendants as a protective charm. Any negative energy or magic will be attracted to the pendant then safely dispelled, protecting the wearer.

It is also believed to be a powerful tool to counteract the power of the evil eye.

You can also place nails over the entrances of your home and at the four corners to create a ward of protection. It best to use maiden nails for this practice. These are nails that are newly forged by the smith, that have never touched the ground.

In certain paths, it is believed that faeries can not touch iron. Children would be protected from being snatched by malevolent faeries by placing a nail in their pocket or on a string around their neck.