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Iron Round Strainer / Poha Chalni / Strainer Colander / Oil Strainer

Iron Round Strainer / Poha Chalni / Strainer Colander / Oil Strainer

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Easy Handling: The round shape and ergonomic design of our poha chalni allow for convenient and hassle-free straining.

This Iron Poha Chalni, or Strainer Colander, is used to drain excess oil out of cooked foods, baji varieties, and canned vegetables, boiled rice, noodles, etc.

Multipurpose Versatility: In addition to serving as an oil strainer, it is also ideal for rinsing fresh produce and straining cooked vegetables.



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Small - 12 Inch diameter; Medium - 15 inch diameter; Large - 18 inch diameter


200 g

Maintenance & care :

Keep it dry

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How do you reduce oil after frying?

To remove extra oil from fried food, use a skimmer spoon or spider spoon or jharani to carefully remove it from the oil. Then, place the fried food on an oil strainer for some time to remove excess oil, using a skimmer spoon or spider spoon.