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Kuzhi Dosakal | Deep Bottom Iron Dosa Tawa | Suitable for Thicker Dosas or Uttapams (10.5 Inch, 1 kg)

Kuzhi Dosakal | Deep Bottom Iron Dosa Tawa | Suitable for Thicker Dosas or Uttapams (10.5 Inch, 1 kg)

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A deep dosa tawa offers several benefits:

1. **Increased Capacity**: The deeper sides of the tawa provide more space for the dosa batter, allowing you to pour a larger quantity and make thicker dosas or uttapams.

2. **Versatility**: While primarily designed for dosas, a deep dosa tawa can also be used for cooking other dishes such as uttapams, pancakes, crepes, or even shallow frying due to its depth.

3. **Less Spillage**: The deeper edges help contain the batter and prevent it from overflowing, reducing the mess and making the cooking process cleaner and more efficient.

4. **Heat Retention**: The extra depth allows for better heat retention, ensuring that the dosas cook evenly and thoroughly from the center to the edges.

5. **Multi-Purpose**: Beyond dosas, you can use a deep dosa tawa for making other Indian dishes like parathas, chapatis, or even shallow curries due to its spacious cooking surface.

6. **Durability**: Deep dosa tawas are often made from durable materials like cast iron or heavy gauge aluminum, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to warping or deformation.

7. **Traditional Cooking Experience**: Using a deep dosa tawa can replicate the traditional cooking experience, especially for making authentic South Indian dosas with the characteristic thickness and texture.

Overall, a deep dosa tawa offers versatility, convenience, and enhanced cooking performance, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen, especially for those who enjoy preparing a variety of Indian dishes.



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10.5 Inch Diameter


1000 g

Maintenance & care :

Always store your iron tawa in a dry place after cleaning and seasoning. Avoid leaving the tawa soaked in water for long. Cleaning the tawa immediately after its use is highly recommended.

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Things to consider before the first use:

Since the new Iron Tawa comes pre-seasoned, it would need gentle cleaning initially. Use mild liquid dishwashing detergent to clean and then wipe dry with a soft cloth. Apply any cooking oil and heat the tawa over a gas flame for 20 mins. After it cools completely, wipe off excess oil, if any. Repeat this process several times before you start using the tawa.