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Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Cheese and Vegetable Grater, Slicer, Chips Maker

Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Cheese and Vegetable Grater, Slicer, Chips Maker

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grater, also known as a shredder, is a kitchen utensil used to grate foods into fine pieces.

Graters are kitchen essentials used to shave down foods that have a tough and hard texture to them. They're best for shredding cheese, chocolate, and some vegetables as garnish or sauces.

They are commonly used to grate vegetables, cheese and lemon or orange peel (to create zest), spices, such as ginger and nutmeg, and can also be used to grate other soft foods.

High Quality Stainless Steel metal Grater is used to grating cheese, kaddu, gheeya vegetable and other food items. Very easy to wash, clean and storing. Just leave it under the running water, or use the complimentary brush. Also it is completely dishwasher safe. Fast -Chop up vegetables, fruits, and more in one simple press motion. Experience fast and easy kitchen blade skills. Chop Cut Slice Very Easily.


Stainless Steel

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L x W x H - 30 x 11 x 2 Centimeters approximately


100 g

Maintenance & care :

How do you clean a grater?

Wash the grater using dishwashing liquid, water and a microfiber cloth, just as you would clean dishes. However, keep in mind that you want to wipe the grater in the direction of the blades (the opposite of grating), so that you don't destroy your fingertips.

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Food preparation

Graters produce shreds that are thinner at the ends than the middle. This allows the grated material to melt or cook in a different manner than the shreds of mostly uniform thickness produced by the grating blade of a food processor. Hand-grated potatoes, for example, melt together more easily in a potato pancake than food-processed potato shreds.