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Multipurpose, Rust Proof, Leak Proof, Galvanized Iron Bucket

Multipurpose, Rust Proof, Leak Proof, Galvanized Iron Bucket

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A bucket is a round metal or plastic container with a handle attached to its sides. Buckets are often used for holding and carrying water.

Buckets make excellent planters: Not only do they offer enough space for flowers and herbs to flourish, but they also add a welcoming, rustic touch to any deck.

Buckets can also be used for cleaning. For example, we can hold soapy water using a cleaning bucket when washing the car or window. We can also use it to mix paint or other material. A bucket is also used as a dredging tool.

Metal buckets with lid and handle are suitable for storing and transporting paints, varnishes and food products. For use in the food industry, a metal bucket must be provided with a food coating


Galvanized Iron

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9 Inch to 16 Inches diameter available


500 g

Maintenance & care :

Make the cleaning solution by adding soap to one of the buckets of water. A mild cleanser like liquid soap, dish soap, or a gentle household cleaner will work fine, but be sure to avoid antibacterial soaps or cleansers that contain bleach as they can damage the wrought iron.

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Can I use a bucket to shower?

No water down the drain, so clean your body leisurely

The water isn't flowing away and down the drain as it does in a shower, so you don't hurry the body scrubbing process in order to “not waste water”. So, likely you get cleaner, and soapier.

I personally find this even easier than a shower head shower. Not only does it save a lot of time, it saves more water than I actually thought it would. You can see with your own eyes how much water you are using. I researched for 10 seconds and found that the average bath takes 35 to 50 gallons.