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Reusable Rat Snap Trap / Mouse Killing Machine

Reusable Rat Snap Trap / Mouse Killing Machine

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  • The "classic" spring-loaded wooden snap trap is a proven, effective way to start trapping rats.

  • These traps work by snapping a metal wire over the rat's neck when it tries to grab the bait.; When used correctly, kills rats quickly and effectively.

  • Traps are reusable and are basically effective forever until they're sprung, so they can be left in "problem areas" permanently

  • Apply your bait to the designated spot on the trap according to any instructions provided with it.

  • Style Name: Gold; Color Name: Gold



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L x W x H - 16 x 1 x 1 Centimeters


100 g

Maintenance & care :

It has sharp edges so that the rat cannot escape. So kindly handle with care and keep away from children and pets.

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Just keep/hang a piece of bait (bread/roti/chapatti)for the rat/mouse . The moment rat enters the pad and tries to eat the bait kept the pad will close by releasing the string with the help of springs attached . rat will die on the spot if catched by the pad.