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Round Roaster Tandoor Barbeque / Roti / Papad Jali Griller with Steel Handle (Silver)

Round Roaster Tandoor Barbeque / Roti / Papad Jali Griller with Steel Handle (Silver)

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  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: This Roasting Jali's is made of Stainless Steel and it can be used on top of pans to cook.
  • BIGGER SIZE: For gas stoves, the roaster measures 8 inches in diameter and 1 inch in height, allowing you to make roti, papad efficiently and save gas. A large quantity of food can be roasted and grilled on the jali.
  • SAFETY: Stainless steel Roti Jari has a round shape, so there are no chances of any cuts, and the handle remains cool during use, making it easy to hold!
  • MULTIPLE USES: The net is designed in such a way that you can prepare multiple items like papad, roti, fulka, paneer, aloo, french fries, brinjal bhurta, other vegetable can be barbeque as well!!


Stainless Steel

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L x B x H - 8 x 18 x 1 Inch


300 g

Maintenance & care :

After Each Use

Then, turn it off and let it cool a bit before scraping food debris off the warm grates with your grill brush. Once it's fully cool, dip folded paper towels or a rag in vegetable oil, and holding the towels or rag with long tongs, rub the oil over your now-smooth grates.

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Papad Jali Griller with Steel Handle

It is made of stainless steel material. It can be used to roast papad, brinjal, pizza, roti, chapati, toast,baingan bharta etc.

Use a wire brush to scrub the grill grates clean after every cooking session, and be sure to remove any loose wire-brush bristles before firing up the grill. If you barbecue frequently, say at least once per week, thoroughly clean the grates every two months.