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Small Size Iron Flat Kadai Fry Pan for making jalebi, dal tadka for Home (8 Inch)

Small Size Iron Flat Kadai Fry Pan for making jalebi, dal tadka for Home (8 Inch)

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An 8-inch iron jellabi pan frying pan can be used for various cooking tasks, including:

1. Making traditional jellabi: This pan is specifically designed for making jellabi, a popular South Asian sweet dish. The shallow shape and even heat distribution of the iron pan help in achieving the perfect texture and crispiness of the jellabi.

2. Frying other sweets: You can use the pan to fry other sweets like doughnuts, churros, or beignets. Its small size is perfect for frying smaller batches.

3. Frying snacks: Use it to fry snacks like pakoras, fritters, or bhajis. The iron material retains heat well, ensuring even frying and crispy results.

4. Cooking small portions: The 8-inch size makes it ideal for cooking smaller portions of various dishes, such as eggs, pancakes, or sautéed vegetables.

5. Making crepes or pancakes: The flat surface of the pan is suitable for making thin crepes or pancakes. Its iron construction helps in achieving an evenly cooked and golden-brown finish.

6. Searing meats: While it's not as large as traditional skillets, you can still use it to sear smaller cuts of meat or poultry.

Overall, the 8-inch iron jellabi pan frying pan is versatile and can be used for a range of cooking tasks, especially those that require shallow frying or cooking smaller portions.



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8 inch


1.2 kg

Maintenance & care :

Always keep it in dry place and take it regular use and after every wash water droplets on kadhai should be remove first otherwise the metal get rust.

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Jalebi is a spiral shaped traditional Indian sweet made with flour basically mixed with little chickpea flour and yogurt (even though adding yogurt is not absolutely essential). The batter is fermented and then deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup.