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Stainless Steel Hair Detangle Rod / மயிர்கோதி

Stainless Steel Hair Detangle Rod / மயிர்கோதி

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  • Colour: Silver.
  • Material: SS (Stainless Steel) .
  • Package Content: 1 Piece.

How to detangle very knokked hair without breakage and damage?

Have you been overlooking the importance of a wide-toothed SS Rod / Stick? Wide-tooth Detangle Rod / Stick help detangle hair in a much painless way. They are gentler on your hair.

Separate your hair into sections (Dellinger recommends creating about 10) and start slowly finger-combing hair, detangling ends and working upward. If your hair is extremely matted and your fingers won't do the job, try using the small end of a Detangle Stick to "unlock" the knots, 


Stainless Steel

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7 Inch Length


100 g

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Is it possible to fix severely matted hair?

Even if you can't physically split your hair into sections because of the mats, try your best to focus your attention on one small area at a time. By holding a small section of hair in one hand, you can gently use a comb, brush, or Detangle Stick on the ends to gradually separate them before working your way up.