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Stainless Steel Kitchen Press /Noodles / Murukku / nool puttu / bhujia Chakli Maker / Idiyappam Press (Multipurpose)

Stainless Steel Kitchen Press /Noodles / Murukku / nool puttu / bhujia Chakli Maker / Idiyappam Press (Multipurpose)

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- Versatile kitchen tool for making noodles, murukkus, and more.
- Crafted from premium stainless steel for durability.
- Features 6 different jaalis for various shapes and sizes of cookies and snacks.
- Functions as a food processor, pasta maker, and Indian murukku maker.
- Chakli Press Maker Machine with 6 styles for making Chakli, Sevunnal Sirippu, Idiyappam, and other snacks.
- Easy to clean with lukewarm or cold water and mild detergent.


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Stainless Steel

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400 g

Maintenance & care :

1. **Disassemble**: After use, take apart all the components of the kitchen press.

2. **Rinse**: Rinse off any remaining dough or batter under lukewarm or cold water.

3. **Wash**: Clean each part with mild detergent and a soft sponge. Avoid abrasive materials to prevent scratching.

4. **Dry**: Thoroughly dry all parts with a clean towel to prevent rusting.

5. **Store**: Reassemble or store the parts in a dry place to maintain their condition and readiness for next use.

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How to use

1. **Select the Jali**: Choose one of the six different jalis (discs) based on the shape and size of the snack you want to make, such as noodles, murukkus, chaklis, sevunnal sirippu, or idiyappam.

2. **Assemble the Press**: Insert the selected jali into the base of the kitchen press. Ensure it is securely in place.

3. **Fill the Cylinder**: Open the top of the kitchen press and fill the cylinder with your prepared dough or batter. Make sure the mixture is smooth to ensure easy pressing.

4. **Close the Lid**: Securely close the lid of the press to prepare for pressing.

5. **Press the Dough**: Hold the kitchen press over a tray or directly onto a baking sheet, and turn the handle to press the dough through the jali. For consistent shapes, maintain steady pressure while pressing.

6. **Form the Snacks**: As the dough is pressed through, it will form the desired shape. Cut the dough to the desired length for noodles or create circular patterns for chaklis and murukkus.

7. **Cooking**: Follow your recipe for cooking the pressed dough, whether frying for murukkus and chaklis or boiling for noodles.

8. **Cleaning**: After use, disassemble the kitchen press. Wash all parts, including the cylinder, handle, and jalis, with lukewarm or cold water and mild detergent. Dry thoroughly before storing.