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Stainless Steel Soup & Juice Strainer / Liquid Filter

Stainless Steel Soup & Juice Strainer / Liquid Filter

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It is ideal for straining juice, milk, soup, tea and other kind of liquid

Material: Stainless Steel with Plastic Coated handle

Soup & Juice strainer is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is very useful tool for kitchen. Wire mesh of this strainer is very strong and of good quality

Strong, sturdy and durable. Made for heavy work. Rust, crack and stain resistant


Stainless Steel

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12 centimeters


500 g

Maintenance & care :

Easy to Clean: These strainers are dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze.

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Seperate Orange Pulp From Juice

Most times, you can pour the juice through a mesh strainer to get rid of a majority of the pulp. If there are still fruit or vegetable fibers in your juice, try pouring it through a cheesecloth to get rid of the smaller pieces. When you're finished, refrigerate or enjoy your juice!