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Straight Coconut Knife / Aruvaal – Handmade Iron Billhook - Light Weight (Straight Knife)

Straight Coconut Knife / Aruvaal – Handmade Iron Billhook - Light Weight (Straight Knife)

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    Suitable for light use purpose; Not suitable for commercial use

    Handle is made from wood, good looking, easy to hold. Made by traditional iron workers with their own hands for those who want simple knife.

    Material: Iron; Size: Small; Wooden Handle

    Length: 30 cm; Weight: 250 gram
    "Please note that this knife or coconut cutting knife you are purchasing in our website is intended solely for kitchen  or gardening purposes. It is not designed or recommended for any other use. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge its intended use, and we assume no liability for misuse or inappropriate handling outside of kitchen / gradening / religious related activities."


    Iron / Wood

    Shipping & Returns

    All products are available for delivery across India, along with a 7-day return policy


    L x W x H - 30 x 4 x 3 cm


    250 g

    Maintenance & care :

    Make it dry after every use. There is a chance of rust formation if not used for longer period. Then wash it and apply oil. Then use it.

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    Break a Coconut

    Holding the coconut firmly, use a knife to whack into the dome. Turn the coconut and repeat whacking until you have cracked the shell around all edges. You should be able to now peel or pull of the top of the shell.