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Traditional Iron Tadka Pan / Fry Pan / Thalippu karandi with Wooden Handle / LohaLokhand / 5.5inch / 14cm / 200ml

Traditional Iron Tadka Pan / Fry Pan / Thalippu karandi with Wooden Handle / LohaLokhand / 5.5inch / 14cm / 200ml

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  • Tadka pan is used for frying or roasting whole spices or seasoning in hot oil, which is added later to the main dishes. It is used in tempering daily recipes such as dal, kadhi, or dhoklas.

  • Heat Resistant: Comes with the wooden handle that helps in holding it without feeling the heat while pouring the seasoning over the cooked food.

  • Safe: No chemical coating like Teflon, polymer and keeps your food safe from harmful chemicals.

  • Saves Gas: It heats quickly in less time and saves your monthly gas bill because of the Iron material.

  • Lifetime Durability: Lasts in your kitchen for a very long time because of the high durability of the iron material.

  • Scratch Resistant: Use stainless steel or any kind of spoon to cook seasonings Scratch resistant.

  • Wooden Handle for Heat Resistant. No Teflon Chemical Coating. Retains Heat Long Time. Less Weight Iron.



Iron / Wood

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L x W x H - 25.4 x 14 x 6.4 Centimeters


400 g

Maintenance & care :

Before storing, apply a thin coat of vegetable oil to protect it from rust. Always store the pan in a clean and dry place away from water and moisture.

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Tadka Pan

A good frying pan is one which is strong, durable, safe, and designed to perform well. For your safety, this durable iron frying pan features a deep-bottom and wooden handle, as well as being designed to provide you with great value for your money.. With this iron Tadka Pan, you can temper and season all your delicious foods to perfection. Although iron can react with acidic food, the seasoning on the pan acts as a barrier between the food and the metal. Since iron is an essential mineral, some amount of the metal leaching into the food does not pose any health risks. This handmade iron frying pan is good for health, so this is must have cookware in your kitchen.