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Traditional Steel Blade Fish & Vegetable Cutter with Wood Base

Traditional Steel Blade Fish & Vegetable Cutter with Wood Base

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  • Length- 13 inch, Width- 2.5 inch, Height- 9 inch, Blade Size- 8 inch, Weight- 750 gram

  • Easy to cut such as hard vegetable like jack fruit and hard cell cover fruit & vegetable

  • This wooden base vegetable cutter sharp edge is made of high carbon steel which is exceptionally hard.

  • Especially suitable for slicing fish


Iron / Wood

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31 x 31 x 20 Centimeters


1 kg

Maintenance & care :

Presence of water in an iron blade can cause rusting. Keep it dry always. Apply a layer of oil on the blade after cleaning and drying. Store the vegetable cutter in a dry place.

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Traditional Cutter

This conventional wooden vegetable cutter is high carbon steel edge that chops on a stage held somewhere around foot. Two hands are utilized to hold whatever is being cut and move it against the sharp edge. The more keen side faces the client. The strategy gives astounding command over the cutting system and can be utilized to slice anything from little shrimp to enormous pumpkins. Intended to save time and keep your hands from cuts and rejecting. the iron cutting edges are not difficult to wash and clean after use.