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Wooden Slicing & Kitchen Chopping Board with Steel Hook for Hanging Fruits, Vegetables (Brown)

Wooden Slicing & Kitchen Chopping Board with Steel Hook for Hanging Fruits, Vegetables (Brown)

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  • 1. **Safe Cutting Surface**: Wooden boards provide a sturdy and safe surface for chopping fruits, vegetables, and meats without damaging your knives or countertops.

    2. **Knife-Friendly**: Wood is gentle on knife blades, helping to maintain their sharpness for longer periods.

    3. **Natural Antimicrobial Properties**: Certain types of wood, like maple and walnut, have natural antimicrobial properties, which can help inhibit the growth of bacteria.

    4. **Aesthetic Appeal**: Wooden chopping boards add a rustic or elegant touch to your kitchen décor, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your cooking space.

    5. **Durability**: High-quality wooden chopping boards are durable and can last for many years with proper care, making them a long-term investment for your kitchen.

    6. **Versatility**: Wooden boards can be used for various kitchen tasks, such as cutting, slicing, and serving food, making them versatile kitchen tools.

    7. **Gentle on Food**: Unlike plastic or glass boards, wooden boards are less likely to dull the edges of your knives and are gentler on delicate foods like herbs and berries.

    8. **Environmentally Friendly**: Wooden chopping boards are often made from sustainable materials and are biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious consumers.



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30L x 21W x 2Th Centimeters (Approximately)


300 g

Maintenance & care :

1. Wash with warm, soapy water after each use.

2. Dry thoroughly and apply mineral oil regularly.

3. Avoid soaking, heat, and direct sunlight.

4. Use separate boards for different foods to prevent contamination.

5. Resurface if needed to maintain a smooth surface.

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Chopping Board

Wooden chopping boards are safe, knife-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen tools with natural antimicrobial properties. They're durable, versatile, and gentle on food, making them environmentally friendly and a long-lasting investment for your kitchen.