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Zinc Coated Iron Incense Burner with Handle – Dhoop Stand / Sambrani Dhoop / Sambrani Karandi (Gold Color)

Zinc Coated Iron Incense Burner with Handle – Dhoop Stand / Sambrani Dhoop / Sambrani Karandi (Gold Color)

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    • NON TOXIC AND HYGIENIC: It Is Used To Burn The Sambrani Or Camphor Which Is Pure And Natural. It Is Completely Non Toxic and Very Much Healthy. The Healthy Fumes Alleviate Anxiety Or Depression. It Also Helps To Get Rid From Insects Like Mosquitoes.

    • IRON MATERIAL: Mild Iron Is a Metal Which Gives Heat Resistant and Sturdiness for the Burner and Makes It Strong. Silver Painted Polished Finishing With The Wide Open Flower Petal Burner Helps To Burn The Medium Easily And To Spread The Fumes Fast.

    • HEALTH BENEFITS: The Anti-Inflammatory And Disinfectant Properties From The Incense Help To Draw Out Bacteria And Promote Emotional Balance. Can Give Peaceful Relaxation To Your Mood. It Only Produces Healthy Fumes, No Worry For Toxic Consumption.

    • SUITABLE FOR SMALL SPACE: The Long Ladle Is Convenient To Carry In Places Like Home, Office, Meditational Institute Or Aromatic Treatment Center. Can Be Stored In Kitchen Shelf.

    • ENERGY CONSUMPTION: This Is Purely A Non-Electrical Burner That Reduces Energy Consumption. So Energy Saving Is Also Another Reason To Choose This Burner. Hence It Is Eco Friendly Too.

    • USAGE: Burn Charcoal Or Coconut Shell Pits And Sprinkle The Sambrani On It Burned Completely. The Aroma Comes Fast And Fills The Surrounding With A Peaceful Relaxed Aroma.

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L x W x H - 30.5 x 8.9 x 7.6 Centimeters (approxi.)


300 g

Maintenance & care :

Keep it dry always

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Spreading the Fumes

Incensing your home and work environment as well as the Pooja room is a worldwide tradition that has been practiced for thousands of years. Fumes keep the insects like mosquitoes and even the microorganisms away as per the Ayurveda. Unlike chemicals, natural fumes such as Sambrani and Frankincense do not harm the body. The traditional type of incense burner makes a relaxing ambience and meditative atmosphere. Great to use in rooms of babies, patients.